Assistance, Questions, and Ideas please

Hey all,

 I will include everything I can think of at this moment. 

History - Car was riding on cut springs (not done by me) for about a year. Turning hard left would make an ungodly; brake squeeling type of screech. I came to the assumption that the caliper may be siezed or that there is some type of brake issue, I was trying to hold out to do an upgrade not just a repair.

Last Night - New suspension was put in and the ride height has changed. It is about an inch to an inch and one half higher, I was told to let the springs settle and then to put the final touch on the drop, which is fine. Anywho, the brakes are making the sound previously described on a constant basis, VERY similar to the sound that is made when your brakes are gone and the (excuse me for not knowing the correct terminology as I am a bit flustered right now!) metal bar on the pad that rubs the rotor to notify you your brakes are way overdue.

Today- I took the brakes apart and nothing seems to be grinding anywhere and I could not see any signs of metal to metal even though this is what I am hearing. I wanted to remove the piece that is behind the rotor to see it this was the cause, I bellieve this is called the brake dust shield but I may be wrong as that doesnt even sound right. I just came in from spending two hours of taking the tire and brakes off and putting them back on, hoping that I was missing something or that there was a rock or piece of road debris stuck in the between the brak pads and rotors.

I would like to know if any of you have any types of tips or tricks to get those two damn screws out so that I can remove the rotor and the shield behind it. I tried banging on it, spraying it with WD-40, which wasnt such a hot idea. The car is going back to the shop this Wednesday for the tie rods, ball joints, and to put the final ride height in place. Also any ideas or thoughts as to what the cause of this may be. I could see having this issue if I had lowered the car lower than it was but it boggles me that this is happening after the car was raised. If I have not explained anything thoroughly then let me know and I will try to elaborate more. I will post a sound clip if necessary…thank you all for your thoughts and ideas. :bow:

I don’t use rotor screws, but I’ve had my fair share of bitchy ones to try and get out both on my own cars as well as cars for friends.

This guy has been a god-send. :up:

I’m not really sure what to say about everything else, but there ya go. :up:

This may sound stupid but have you had the rotors re-surfaced? I had the metal on metal sound before and I took my rotors and got them re-surfaced and then it went away. It might be something to try to see if it works and if not then at least you have re-surfaced rotors :slight_smile:

That doesnt sound stupid, because as a matter of fact, the last time I changed the pads I couldnt remove the rotors so I didnt have them resurfaced

Ferret, thanks for the link I will have to look into getting my self a tool such as that one!

Eh, now I’m embarassed, got fed up once the draft was over and decided to go through every damn corner, found out I just need to replace my rear brakes…HAHA, silly me

probably a decent surprise though. :up:

you may want to consider having the rotors turned for a quick resurface for the new pads.