Assistance wiring db2 engine harness into obd1 db1.

So I am throwing code 7 and 9, that is the TPS and CYP. Will see here soon what the issue is.

So I brain farted and mistaked the knock sensor for the tps voltage sensor. need to swap the two and see what happens.

Good job, man. What a mess. I am glad you got it running.:rockon:

so cleared the tps code, minor mixup… now i just need to figure out why its giving the #1 cylinder position sensor code, and i can start cleaning it up.

Yea I had to open up most of the harness, but that is no big deal. It will go right back together.

I still need to make a starter relay and i am just going to put in a fan relay off the coolant and oil temp switches instead of messing with rewiring the controller and tracing everything down.

no codes finished wiring video as soon as i finish charging camera battery

ehh too late, the neighbors came out… lmao but it is running just fine now.

I tomorrow I need to wire the start and fan relays and then everything is going back together. Glad to be closing this project up.

not soo bad… about half way done relooming.

looks alot better.:slight_smile:


Yea I have all of the wires loomed at tucked away. I decided the start/alternator/batt wires are crap also the way they are terminated and use junction block so I am going to run new ones and mount the fuse box.

Still need to wire in a fan relay off of the coolant switch.

I take a couple pictures in a minute.

good job

here is a quick video of it running code free, but the battery died making it somewhat short

So, all of the wires are repinned to their respective color, or are there some differences in the wire colors? Im really trying to get this done and i have the weekend to do it. So im going to just jump on in.
Wiring diagram would be most helpful :angel:

They are repinned according the their respective wire. If you try to do it just by color you are going to run into problems because a number of different wires share the same color. For example the O2 sensor and the CYP sensor both have shielded white wires. There are also three yellow green wires that all serve different functions and a handful of others. You will need to trace down the wires with a multimeter to determine which one is which, or you can wait till I post up my findings and have something to start with. Like I said, the 12 pin on the drivers side I found was almost identical. It was pin for pin the same on all but three pins. The 12 pin on the pass side was completely different. As soon as I get a chance I will write it up.

im gonna wait. i have other stuff to do as well.

so my sisters fiance, managed to trash his alternator. I have to have the car out of the garage by tomorrow. His work will take maybe an hour, but after i get past that set back I will start working on the diagram.

Midnight progress ftw…

mignight progress w/Heineken ftw :cool:

That is how we do it in the dirty south… I wish I could fix everything on this car; however, my duty is done and without reinbursement I have to close shop on the db1. If he wants more he is going to have to actually pay me for my time. The guy and car deseve the near free work; however, I did what I said I would and some more. This was more of an favor and a respect for then car then anything.

If he sells it I will be pissed after all my work. lol

btw those cans do their job and then some. worth every penny.

Ive only got them once, im more of a bottle guy. but it was still awesome ice cold. mmmmmmmm

Updates? :slight_smile:

:bump: updates?

Bump. I really need some help, man. please reveal your secrets. :slight_smile: