(pacifica lip and Sigma lip)

Well they called me back because I put in an order online, but said I was paying via money order (yah right) and so one of the guys from there called me yesterday and the day b4 saying they do not have the pacifica lip and sigma lip because they are discontinued/backorder)

What he did mention was that he had the rest of them in stock besides those 2.

I also checked the better business bureau and they are on it, so beware of dealing with them.

oh man, you should have asked around first…

i can’t believe asylumns is still functioning… they’ve ripped off many members from what i’ve seen… hope everything works out man…

oh I did the research b4 “purchasing” from them. Couple of weeks ago I tried giving them a call, but like the BBB said, the phone just rang and rang. So I decided the only way to contact them was to pretend like I was going to buy something from them. Because they are retarded with their payment options I opted for the cashiers check/money order that has to be mailed to them and then I get the product. But I had no intentions of buying anything from them at all and/or paying them. I just wanted to see if they had them in stock or it was just a bunch of bull like I thought it would b.

Yah asylumns suck and they know it. not that dumb (so I think) to buy from them or send them my hard earned moola.

i had to dispute a order with them through my credit card before they would refund me the $$ - had a fuel pump on order from them for about 4 months- that was like 2 years ago though I cant believe they havent been shut down- a great website for looking at body kits, just dont EVER buy anything there!!!

and so this doesnt happen again to anyone else here