at the track

went to the track friday… ran a 15.6 @ 87mph

not bad considering the only mod I put on my car since my last 16.2 run was a 50 dollar ebay test pipe!

so 1/2 a second for 50 bucks not bad :wink:

anyways, my car is running like shit (was even with the 15.6 run) so im pretty happy. i need my timing adjusted I think…

oh and my buddy in a Saturn blew his engine up… and when I saw blew up you wouldnt believe… he blew all 4 rods, every piston was cracked (he had bored pistons also… 81mm I believe) it was funny he was running 75 shot nos, he ran a 14.7 taht run… with blowing his engine and slamming on the brakes… not bad lol… considering he was grudging a 12.9 evo 8 (and my buddy was infront until ya know it went all to hell)

so just thought I would put this on… and that im happy im running in the 15’s with an LS … only mods I have done… AEM CAI, Thermal R&d exhaust, test pipe… not bad I dont think!