My fren put 3 Qt. of Valvoline Dexron III/ Mercon on his integra. I want to know if it ok?? B/ on the Owners’s Manual say that we need to use Dexron II for the integra em i right???

Dextron III replaced II so it should be fine. Many people, myself included will tell you to use HondaATF, but I used Valvoline and Castrol for years and the car’s fine.

Just change the fluid often - not matter what brand.


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sorry, but i,m too computer stupid to attach a link to this. anyway, the guy who wrote that in to the paper was me. if you put dex III in the trans, would be a good idea to go to local napa and get a bottle of lubegard in the BLACK BOTTLE-that is the highly friction modified stuff for adding to Honda automatics. i still ended up getting oem, but i noticed that even if you go into a quick lube for tranny service they have this stuff. choice is yours, though.


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