Atlanta, Georgia Meet - Varisity - March 15th

Mark your calendars early! Due to the incredible success of the previous meet, we are going ahead with monthly meets. All 1990-1993 Integras welcome - 3 doors, 4 doors, USDM, JDM, show cars, rice, scrap metal, etc.

March 15, 2008


The Varsity
61 North Avenue
Atlanta GA 30308


  1. phatcardesignz (aka cardesignz)
  2. jadakid88 (same on IA)
  3. southernGAda (same on IA)
  4. DAHatch (aka GermanMuscle)
  5. mr2insane (same on IA)
  6. ColdBloodedDA
  7. stubbyda91


Of course I also posted it on IA:

This list sucks this time… 20+ have said they are attending between IA and emails.

you should have just added me to the list again! lol:excite:

lol! I did now…

add me again yo…:excite:

im in

aka GermanMuscle on IA

im down if i dont go out of state for spring break :wink:

mr2insane - I was going to get you to check on sticker prices, but IA is messing up right now, so I couldn’t send a PM. Can you send me an email to phatcardesignz AT gmail DOT com so that I can get you the original copies.

getting quotes… dunno if i can make it out at 12 pm , I got work

^The meet is probably going to be at 4pm, I just forgot to update this one.

Bumping this up for next weekend!

Im hoping to get up there.

^I added you to the list. We have well over twenty now between those who responded to my email and Import Atlanta.

oh yeah dudes count me in sorry it took so long for me to post lol im bringin some of my da friends like last time :excite: :excite:


this meet kinda… sucked!

We had little better turnout at the first one, but the turnout at this one was definitely not bad. I was expecting a much larger turnout, but the weather is mostly to blame. I mean there was some pretty nasty weather right before the meet, but it just about completely cleared up for the meet.

Here’s some pics that I took (haven’t had a chance to make a thread on here, yet):