attn: all members with H&R Race springs

I finally got my H&R race springs for my teg. I was under the impression that these springs would not leave a larger gap in the front than in the back. Well, I installed them and guess what. There is no gap at all in the back, however, there is almost an inch gap in the front. I dont have any pics of my car. But I found some pics of a g2 teg last night with H&R race springs that sits just like mine.

I was thinking since these springs give a 2.25 drop in the front and a 2.0 drop in the back that it would not be this bad. Guess I was wrong. What I would like to know…if you have these springs on your g2…does yours sit like this also? Would shortning up the bumpstops on the stock shocks up front give me another half an inch or so? I guess im just looking for a temporary fix. I plan on getting the koni yellows with the adjustable spring seats in the next couple of months, hopefully that will allow me to adjust the front a bit.

This might sound like a dumb question but are you sure you didn’t put the fronts on the rear and the rears on the front?

LOL…thats what my friend said. Yes im sure…haha. You can tell just by looking at them which is front and which is back. If your not mechanically inclined, you can always read the symbols printed on the springs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have H&R race with koni yellows. I have the rear springs on the highest perch and the fronts on the lowest, and that gives me an almost perfectly even drop, with no gap at all.

Hey 93gsr, you got any pics? Thats exactly what I thought I would have to do with the konis to get it even. Nice to know it can be done with the konis.