Aug 10th, 2006 pictures NORCAL in Union City.

[SIZE=“5”]DISCLAIMER![/SIZE] I am not responsible for any action’s the viewers will do with these picture… I post them on G2IC and ONLY G2IC unless said otherwise… If there is a picture you are uncomfortable about, Let me know ASAP and i will remove it… I no longer do group photo’s or photo’s of people without their knowledge…

So!, Here’s the pictures…

Mad dR1fT0!

I see nothing :shrug:

then open up your chink ass eyes

They work for me… anyone having difficultys?

damn, my car looks funny without the side skirts.

great time guys… had some good pics… cant wait till the treasure island meet when we’ll finally get pictures with daylight… :stuck_out_tongue:

hey I cant help it that im chinese and my eyes look closed when there open. :bow:

damn up already… i forgot how quick alan is on posting pictures… surprised my car looks that good with a retarded hood. had fun guys! -Marcos

nice real nice. thanks a lot no I have to go rub one out!
but on a real note nice meet you guys. I was in san diego about 4 weeks ago and I got to see a few tegs. I stoped to talk to a few people. I hope there baseball game went well and Hi from florida…

that RHD XSI is hotttt


do we really need a disclaimer just to post pics?
thats some sad shit right there.

alan does, due to prior drama

I do… I dont want histor to repeat itself… :frowning:

do i spy a db2? why yes i do yes i do.:gunright:

^ You actually spy 2 DB2’s… The flat black one with fat fives and the aztec one.

nice pics man, you are becoming a pro at this

Nahhh… Far from pro… Im still beginner…

you just need better lighting, we’ll test your skills at treasure island :stuck_out_tongue: