Auto to Manual problems

im almost done with the auto to manual i just need to hook up the clutch cable to the clutch pedal and tranny…heres the problems im haveing:

  1. car vibrates a lot!!!

  2. idles at 2000k and vibrates a lot!

  3. code 13 on the ECU= Atmosphere pressure whats that?

when i got finish installing the tranny i got in my car to see if ituld start,it started and idled to 2000k vibrateing a lot so i let it get warm up…when it got warmed up it idled to 1000k still vibrateing a little…when i started the car i didnt have any tranny fluid and i didnt have the top tranny mount shimed,my car is lowered on skunk2 and the tranny almost touches the ground…the guy i bought all the parts from gave me a wire harness but i didnt use it cause some one told me i didnt need it…could the problem be the passenger side top tranny mount?..and the front tranny mount thats under the radiator not on…i feel like giveing up on the auto to manual swap…will the auto ecu work?,i got the manual ecu in but its throwing code 13…some one help

dont give up man

Vibrate- cause you didnt have the top passanger side mount & front bottom mount holding the tranny and thats why the tranny almost touching the ground

Idle- adjust the idle,easy.

Code 13- reset the ecu,if that doesnt work dont worry about the code you probly got the 1990 integra ECU wich you’ll need a 91 pr4 5spd ecu if you want the cel light off

Auto ecu question- yes the auto ecu will work but it will be throwing codes

Wire harness- nope you dont need it

Code 13 is a sensor in ur ECU… Reset it… If it doesnt got away try a new ecu…

yo man good to hear its almost done!!!

glad i could help. drve2fst is right. do what he says. holla at me if i can help anymore. :cool:

wtf,i put 2 bottles of 40w oil in my tranny it didnt filll it up but i thought that would work for now…so i start the car up and try to put it in reverse,every time i try it make that grind noise…i put it in 1st gear just a little i thought it was gone make that noise again so i just stop and turned the car off cause i didnt want it to make that grind noise but why it do that?..when the car not started it go in every gear,i hope i dont have to drop the tranny again…

Probably you didn’t let the trans get fluid to all it gears. I wount lube it self as soon as you pour in the bottles give it a couple of secs. And make sure you have enough fluid because i know you don’t want to have to change the tranny.

I hope my swap goes well. Im waiting for all the parts then im having a friend help me. I need more posts like these lol. Good luck and please post your updates on how it ends up :smiley:

Auto to Manual-Done,lot of props go to partiboi…he helped me out a lot even though i asked him stupid questions about the swap lol…the car still starts i didnt even rewire any thing i just left the auto slider thing there and the car still starts,for the top tranny mount i shimed it.that was easy like drve2fst said,it wasnt that hard like i thought it was.the problems i had i solved them…any body thats planning to do this swap shouldnt have any problems,its not even hard like i thought it was going to be…manual is so much faster then a auto! well if any one have any question post or email me l8r

I’ll keep that in mind if i run into any problems ill e-mail you. Im just waiting to get paid so i can send the money order over night and get my TRANNY! I can’t wait :smiley:

problem with auto maunual swap please help

i am in the middle of a 5spd swap and i ran into a problem.

on the pedals i cant get the top bolt off, the one above the brake. iv got everything off and the top bolt is inaccessible. on the downer car i just ripped everything out(vents wires steering wheel) but i don’t want to do that this time.

so what i was wondering is, is the a easier way to get the bolt off,
can i cut the clutch part off the bracket and bolt it onto the existing pedals?

looks easy enough, i am a welder and machinist. i would also have to adapt the brake pedal.

thanks for any suggestions.

what is the gold computer box where the clutch pedal goes on my auto 91? its in the way of the new pedals.

i desided to cut the bracket it looks like it will work really well and save time.

you dont need that gold box. toss it. its the auto tranny computer. you should be able to get all the bolts off w/o too many problems. i did this swap last year so any other questions feel free to ask.


thanks for the help. i will stick to one post per ? i just didnt get any answer the first time. sorry and thanks.