auto to manual question???

I just got a new motor… same one(b18a1) but with about 200,000 miles less than my origional. And i wanted to know if there is some kind of specialty tool to take off the i dont know what its called, but its where the flywheel would go on a manual. im pretty sure its got the same bolts and patterns that the fly wheel has. It has 8 bolts with the letters AT on them. they are like outward star bolts or some shit.

if you know what im talkin bout please tell me how to take them off. thanx

As I recall, they’re 17mm 12 point bolts, so you just need a 12 point socket for them, which you may already have or you can buy pretty much anywhere. If you’re having trouble taking them off without rotating the crank, put a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt, then crank the 12 point bolts off. That thing you’re talking about where the flywheel goes but on an automatic is called a flexplate, which is what connects the torque converter to the engine. Just so you know, the manual 12 point bolts are longer, and should be used with a flywheel, and the auto 12 point bolts are shorter and should be used with a flexplate. Also, the auto’s are stamped “at” as you mentioned, whereas the manual bolts say nothing.