auto to manual

has anyone done an automatic to manual trans swap?? i have an auto right now (and it feels like its on its final days) and i was thinking about switching to manual but i dunno if i should keep the car original or not.

it would cost as much if not a lil less to just get a manual tranny car. or find someone willing to trade. I think these are the most pointless conversions.

im doing it right now

and no it wouldnt cost just as much i hate negative people …da’s are getting hard to find and the ones that are for sale…people think they are golden or tthe biggest pos …but its easy it gunna cause you about 700 dollars… you need a manual ecu (which i have one for sale 20$ ) manual guage cluster …clutch and flywheel… clutch cable… shift linkage … 5 speed pedals you cant just add a clutch pedal and manual tranny…theres a write up on here if you search or if you need any help let me know

I have done ton plenty of conversions it’s not hard at all Im parting out a da right now I have everything you need.

Pretty easy swap, most difficult part is installing the pedal assembly (imo). But maybe that’s cause I’ve only done that once and everything else involved in that swap I’ve done numerous times.

You’ll want to use a conversion mount. You could shim it, but a mount is a better idea. Nino happens to have one for sale cheap.

I’ve actually got a set of pedals and a manual gauge cluster w/ 8K redline for sale as well.

thanks for the info, im tryin to figure of if or when i will be able to possibly do it. good to know that there is some people who have done it before to answer my questions Im away at school right now so id have to do it when im home for awhile