Auto transmission solenoids?

I’ve been searching here, Team Integra, and Google for the last hour. I believe my problem is a solenoid (from what a few mechanics have told me), but I do not know where they are located (all I found was “behind the dash”, and apparently in the TCU), what the TCU looks like, and which one controls the reverse gear. Can anyone help me with this?

The solenoids would be in the transmissions valvebody, which is inside if the transmission, I’m not sure about the TCU location…(I drive a 5spd.) I’ve never seen inside of a auto tegs tranny but it could be a number of things… The friction material on either the bands(not sure if this tranny has any bands) or the clutch discs leading to the held gear of the reverse planetary could be completely slipping; or their might be some debris in the tranny valve body also… either way your going to have to take the tranny apart. If you just want to check the sonenoid… some shops have transmission controllers which bypass the TCU. By checking fluxuating main line pressure when the solenoid is engauged. their should be a tap for the main line pressure on the outside of the transmission.

The solenoids are on top (outside) of the auto tranny and visible. There are four. What exactly is going on with your auto tranny?

yeah they look like vtec solenoids.

thankyou… I guess i have just general transmission knowledge… do you know of a site or document that gives schematics for the YS1’s counterpart?

I use the factory Helms manual. It has auto and manual tear-down and build up. One of the best and one of the first investments I made for my car.