auto transmission?

I just recently bought a 1990 Integra RS and the transmission was shot. There was no reverse and it took awhile to warm up before it would shift from 2nd to 3rd. I had a used auto transmission put in it and it’s works great now.

Just no overdrive.

My question is, how many forward gears does this transmission have not included “S” sport? Is there only 4 with no overdrive? Is it normal to rev around 3,000rpm at highway speed (60mph)?

there is no overdrive in the integra. S is sports mode only, higher shifting rpm points. Therefore S3 will only shift to third gear at a higher rpm than D and S4 will shift to the highest gear, fourth in the same manner. The cars have only 4 gears so highway cruising speeds is about 3000 rpms.

Thanks for the help. That is what I thought, I just wasn’t sure. It makes for a noiser drive on the highway that’s all.