auto wiring harness on a 5pd no start

i got this harness on my car, and it wont start, and by what i mean no start i mean it wont even crank over, is there some sort of neutral safety switch?? even with the clutch in theres nuthing when you go to crank

Is the “Clutch Interlock Switch” plugged in?

Do you have ign., cluster comes on, fuel pump primes, radio, heater blower, wipers, signal lights and so on work?

If so, the first test is to bypass the ign. switch, [start] and starter relay and all and any wires and connections between the ign. switch and the starter motor solenoid, you will need a 2 - 3 foot lead, [min. 14ga.]…

Very important make sure car is in neutral and hand brake is engaged.:think:

… turn ign. on to run, use the lead as a jumper from batt. pos.(+) to starter solenoid trigger input, it is the black/white lead plugged into the solenoid, [quick disconnect]… unplug the black/white starter lead and touch the jumper lead to the terminal the black/white starter lead was plugged into.

At this point it will be good or bad, the good part would be the motor cranks over and starts, the bad part is the motor cranks, wait for it, and you left it in gear:shock:

If the motor turns over, the problem is not the starter motor or solenoid, the problem just got cheaper.:cross:

Next, sit in the car, roll up the windows, you need it quiet, turn ign. switch to run, let fuel pump prime, now switch the ign. switch from run to start, back and forth, can you hear the starter relay “click” on and off as you switch from run to start to run to start?
If so, the starter relay is bad or there is a poor connection between the starter relay and the starter solenoid.
If not, [you can not near the relay], it still may be the relay, but more then likely it is the CIS, [clutch interlock switch] high on the clutch lever is a switch, that is “activated”, [turned on] when you step on the clutch peddle it has a black lead, [ground] and a blue/black lead [relay control], make sure switch “plunger” is operating properly when clutch peddle is stepped on, make sure the plugged is properly plugged into the CIS, if it all looks good, unplug the switch and use a jumper wire to connect the two terminals, try and start the car.
If motor turns over, the CIS is defective, replace it.
If motor still will not turn over, us a jumper lead to ground the blue/black lead directly to ground, if motor turns over, the black lead in plug is not grounded properly.
If motor will still not turn over the starter relay is defective or the blue/black led is not properly connected to the starter relay, you will have to find starter relay, [below radio in center console in a g2 I believe, not sure though]

Do you have, or can you borrow a multimeter, or good test light?
You will have to test the relay plug.:stare:94

Well chit!!, did you mean you are using a wiring harness from an automatic in a 5 speed?:squint:

If so forget most of what I said, there will be no CIS plug, or starter relay plug, but there will be a “Gear Position Switch” plug, should be below radio in center console, it is a multi wire plug you will need to cut the two black/white leads going to the plug and connect them together, or if you want the CIS to work, you will need a CIS plug, extent the leads of the plug so you can connect black to ground and connect the blue/black to #85 of a relay, connect the two black/white leads to #30 and the #87 of the relay, you will also have to use a small jumper from the black/white that comes from the ign. switch to #86 of the relay.:whew: 94

yea thats what i did, i used an engine harness for an atuo on my 5 speed car, and now it wont even crank, i figured it had to do with a nuetral safety switch or something,

problem fixed, has a bad ground for the transmission:dozing: