automatic to manual "look"

:cool: hey, i’ve seen this DIY on another forum called team or .com but they showed how you can make your auto integ LOOK like a manual one…it was really cool and i was wondering if anyone knew how to do it cuz i had some questions about it…

the other forum’s DIY thread didn’t explain it well enough?

yeah they kinda explained it good, they just didn’t say nothing about the s3 s4 button. that was my main question…

there were a few of those that touched on the s3/s4 issue, if that was your “main question” …why not ask that in the first place? :slight_smile:

i did this like 4 yrs ago on my teg and regreted it. but all i did was take it apart, used a autozone shift boot and knob set. and took the center console out. i cut the wires for the s3 s4 button took it out and taped it to the shifter rewired. put the boot over stretched it over the auto shift thing. put the console back in place and twisted the knob. sorry if its not explain right or run on sentances. typing in a rush sucks.

why did you regret it??

why would people put in all that effort just to conceal an automatic car? i don’t get it, you might be fooling other people…but really your just fooling yourself. :crazy:

Cause in the end its still a an auto :lol:

i did that in my first da, i cut the wires for s4 and just put a knob someone gave me that pushed down and a stock shift boot, it actually looked pretty good, but prepare to get hated on, and idk if you got this yet but i actually got asked like 4 times by people who saw the car parked and never saw me drive it why i always parked in third gear, but it looks good

:lol: :lol: :clap: :clap: :auto:

blah, who cares.:angel: check this out.:slight_smile:

looks clean, but what you do with your s3/s4 button?

yeah, it’s still an auto…and i love it!:rockon:

you dont see it but there is another button right infront of the main button. btw, s3/s4 is fully fuctional.:slight_smile:

lmao. pretty much. i would get the one from above. looks better than mine. i dont have any pics nor do i care to get any. its just i now wish i had the stock shifter incase i wanted to sell my car.

btw where can i find a shifter like the one from the pic above?