automatic trans not shifting to fourth?

Just diagnosing for a friend…

The problem with going from 2nd to 3rd (doesn’t grab) has been temporarily solved by letting the gas pedal up slightly. Now, another problem has arised - it won’t shift into 4th at all. It stays stuck in 3rd gear all the way. Even if it does shift to 4th (1 out of 50), once you let go the gas, no gears grab at all unless you rev it up. It’ll then catch to third, being back to the same problem. What are parts I can diagnose to resolve the shifting problem?

I got the same problem, My auto tranny wont shift into 3rd gear when it is still cold. But later on when the car warms up like 5-8 minutes later it will shift to 3rd. How long has your tranny been tripping like this? And how many miles does it have? The problem could be your motor mounts. Because if your engine is crooked then your tranny isnt straight so its not grabbing the gears right. Or your fly wheel could be damaged too thats also why it might not grab. So like me know whats up. The probably the best thing to do is just get a new tranny or re-build this one. I’m going to do that but first I’m changing my motor mounts cuz they are messed up and a mechanic told me that could have something to do with it. But if you want a straight forward answer go hit up your local Acura dealer and they will for sure tell you whats wrong with your integra. But its always good to get more than one opinion. Let me know how it goes. And I’ll let you know what happens with my motor mounts when I change them next week. So sad that these things have to happen:sad:

Mmm, where to start… What’s the condition of the ATF? If it’s looks dark or hasn’t been changed in more than 2 years, follow the procedure in this thread and drain & refill at least once (if it has never been “flushed”, I’d repeat two more times).

If it’s not the ATF, then hopefully someone here with a Helm’s manual can share the procedure to check the shift solenoids. There’s also a automatic tranny module back near the steering column with an LED that’s supposed to show an error code if somethings wrong.

Oh, also check the throttle cable to make sure it doesn’t have too much slack.

The same thing happened to my auto tranny about 2 months ago. I ended up getting a new tranny. I would say by the way it was described that your friends tranny is shot. There is not really any electrical problems that would create this problem so dont even bother with the computers. The only thing i would check is the resistance on the shift solenoids. If you call any import shop and start to explain your problem i gurantee they will finish your sentence, when g2 trannys die i guess they go one gear at a time.

eddie, it shifts to fourth once in a GREAT while…it’s like a miracle when it happens, but once I let go the gas it goes all messed up again.

I will check the fluid and that little module this week. I found out how to drain ATF completely: in the return line you could just keep pouring ATF while the car is on and just let it drain till new fluid comes out… Could someone post how to check the solenoids?

Are u talking about the transmission cooler lines? Which one is the return line? The one closer to the driver side or the one closer to the passenger side?

How would this be different from leaving the drain plug off or partially on for a smaller flow, filling from the top and running the engine at the same time?