Autometer A-Pillar Gauge Pods

I jsut got my dual gauge pod today. man it fits like ass. it doesn’t even go all the way around the pillar like msot do. I thought I got the wrong one but the numbers match up. so I searched for other G2 ppl’s pics and theya re all the same. they end up 1cm short from the door. pretty gay IMO. jsut a heads up not to buy them if you awnt a perfect clean wrap around.

are you putting a black gauge pillar on a tan a-pillar molding. what i did was painted my molding black along with the pod to color match it perfectly. then installed it. it looked perfect. oh yeah, most don’t go all the way around the pillar, at least my autometer pod and all the ones i’ve seen don’t.

thx yeah I as prolly gonna paint it. I was jsut kinda upset cause my friends 92 civic, his autometer stuff tucks all the way around even into the moulding so perfectly. grr. what can you do.

im using the pod from a g3, seems to fit fine.

Originally posted by INeedBoost
im using the pod from a g3, seems to fit fine.

Got any pics? does it wrap around from the front windhsield right to the moulding on the other side?