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so i have my DA preped for paint and i am debating to paint it myself i was lookin at a thread on here for the dude with the white one where he used paint cans where cna i get that at

If you’ve taken the time to prep for paint then go ahead & get it done professionally. The price will be reduced cause you did all the prep yourself.

Taking off as much as you can (headlights, weatherstripping, badges, moldings, etc.) before dropping it off can help too. Buy the paint yourself & bring it to them. This will also allow you to choose your colors better; & if you buy the clear yourself, then it you might get more coats of it than if you bought the paint from them.

If you do as much pre paint work as possible, then you can get a good paint job for a decent price. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

DON’T go to Maaco or the other budget sprayers!! Their records usually aren’t that good & they won’t really give you a discount for all your prep. They won’t use your pre-bought paint either.

BTW- Honda used PPG paints to spray your DA. Their paint is affordable too.
Search “Factory paint codes for your year.” There’s a thread w/ all the paint color patches & codes for all USDM 90-93 Acuras.

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yea man thanks foer the advice i talk to my freinds dad who has a body shop 450 for it a urethane enamel with clear coat in it macco was like bring ur car in and then we can estimate and was like we dont care if u prpe we still charge u prpe fee i was like wtf but hey man thanks

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h93da9 is right. since u did all the work urself it’ll be alot cheaper. They should only really charge u about 4hr’s paint time instead of 16-20hrs paint+prep and all the R&I’s they charge also. Ur saving about 2G’s rite there.