Autox this Past Weekend in Baton Rouge

here are a few pics of my car from the event…which i took first in my class STR :slight_smile:

el duderino, you knocked all those cones down? what is you car spec? what mods? looks nice. have you got a camber kit ? looks a little low for my driving though. I want to get a set of teins that I can go anywhere from say no drop at all to 1.5" or so, front and rear. problem being, how does one adjust camber too for the different setups? know of any good parts to accomplish that? an easily adjustable cambeer kit? also maybe some lightweight 15’s and some race rubber for special occasions. no I am roughly stock in a 93 GS-R. my mods include removed resonator (really the best zero dollar mod I can think of), some iridium IX NGK’s, 8MM NGK wireset, and a new, clear dizzy cap and rotor. kind of cool, you can see the spark arcing in there…it is tight. made by MR Gasket Company, seems very high quality. i know, most would say stick with the TEK rotor and cap, but I believe this is a good product, as good or better than OEM. no worries.

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hey that’s a GS-R! 93 same as mine. i think that the 93 GS-R is one of the finer bang for your buck autos ever made. i was pooping my pants when I found mine. I paid a little too much, $4500, but I don’t regret. I sold a 92 cherokee for 5Grand, and got the GS-R. Once I got the timing adjusted right (some dick had roteted the dizzy all the way toward the firewall, and I did not know what this was doing until I learned a little more) she runs like a singer sowing machine. well-oiled, precision japanese machinery, can’t beat it. just a little weak in some of the suspension pieces I think. i am thinking of fabricating some stronger parts so I can take her off some sweet jumps! not really about the jumps, but I know my way around a machine shop, so I’ll rebuild the motor at about 200000 miles, I am at a bout 147000 now. can’t wait to get to 200, I am going to do some nice performance upgrades. my goal is a reliable 150 lb-ft of torque the ground, and rev to 8750 RPM with glee! (all-motor of course :whip: )
:ot: ?

you’re kidding right? anyways, i have a mild all-motor build.

hmmmm…pointer cones. not nocked down. Car looks good but whats STR?


I think it’s STS but on R tires. The CF hood throws me off though.

STR is a class that a few regions around louisiana have. it is street mod (SM) on street tires…whereas SM allows r compounds…i’m only running STR until the summer when i get some hoosiers and run SM. :wink:

what do you have done that puts you in SM?

pointer cones, oh I get it. no disrespect brother, after all, knocking down cones can be fun. not in such a sweet low ride though I reckon. :read:

aside from the obvious…the hood…i have ctr pistons and ctr cams.

yea i knew the hood but i was just wondering if there was anything else.

yea i just mentioned that…i figured you knew that put someone in SM.