Auxiliary lights fuse keep blowing

Hey guys,
So I’ve installed auxiliary lights (from Pilot) about 6 months ago. Everything was fine until tonight. The fuse was blown (15 amp). So I took a spare fuse from the fuse panel (15 amp) and replaced it. It worked. Then I started my engine, turn on my headlights, everything was still fine at that point. Then when I shut my door, it stopped working. I checked the fuse and it was blown! I’m not sure if shutting the door had anything to do with it or it was just a coincidence. Help me please. Thanks in advance =)

Check all your wires. :idea:

When a fuse blows it indicates a short, I agree with spikeymike check your wiring, pay close attention to where you have made connection.:hmm:94

I checked the wires and one (+) wire was touching the body ground. It works fine now. Thank you so much.