Avoid 70 mm RPM Service throttle body

I had paid for a Spoon throttle body which is a bored out Type r version. Found out after the fact that it wouldn’t bolt up to the intake manifold on the LS motor, so the dude at the shop let me try out a custom throttle body made by RPM Service. I think it’s a manufacturer here in Southern California.

Anyways, it worked well for a while, but after two months the gas pedal started to stick and the engine would idle at 1500-2000 RPM. After some attempts to fiddle with it we decided to go with a '96 JDM Type R throttle body instead. Slightly smaller bore (66 mm I think), but should work better since the components are all factory Honda parts.

so yoru saying the high idle is due to the throttle body? cause ever since i got mine bored out b16a it has done the same thing. but i know for a fact my gas pedal did not stick casue i read the sensor voltage for the thorttle & and it is at the correct value with the correct %

is it possible my TPS is set too high and it won’t idle right??? i bet that is the problem… i’ll lower it tomorrow. but i like having the ability to shift later =P