Axel removale problem , please read

hey whats up, trying to drop tranny to install clutch, anyway, 1st problem cant loosed the axal bolt(one middle of rotor)…to tight, then cant get the bearing lose on the bottom of control arm, got the swindle nut off… havnt used of of them clamp things, tore the boot, help what can i do?



If its the spindle nut that’s causing a prob, I used a C clamp and shoved it out that way. There’s some offset to the clamping thats needed, but as long as you get enough force it should budge. Once its loosened you should be able to lift it out.
I’ve removed both full axles/shafts twice and this is what I had to do each time.


If you don’t want to get a ball-joint puller like InstantRamen suggested, just beat the hell out of the control arm with a hammer and the joint will seperate eventually. But just save yourself some trouble and get to an AutoZone, since it’s free.