Axle/clutch making *click* on initial take-off

Ive developed a click in my pedal when i take off from a stop. Its right as the pedal is mostly out and the motor grabs the gear and starts rolling, sometimes its worse that others depending on the intensity of the take off. I Can fell the pop/click in the pedal but i know its something other than that.

Theres no clicking around turns or anything like that. But im wondering if its an axle? or something related to the axle?


Is it a click or a thump? Check your rear motor mount.

If its like what I have its a clunk that can be felt during take off in 1st. I can feel it through the clutch pedal. When I inspected my front suspension I found that my front sway bar bushings were shot and had a bad passenger tie rod (Found this by jacking the front and by shaking the tire at by placing my hands at 12 and 6 along with again 3 and 9). Haven’t had the time to replace them because of school but once I do will definitely share.

I also heard that it could be a result of a bad inner joint in the axle. Found this on the Raxle website under troubleshooting. I hope its not my raxles that went.

Hey, good stuff guys. I havent had a chance to really inspect the front end yet but i wanted some feedback in the meantime.

Any other thoughts?