Axle Size

Does any one have the length of OEM axles?

I ordered replacements and they are much too short. When I called, the parts clerk said they have sold hundreds of DA specific axles with no problems, so that my car must be modified…

I am the second owner of the car (previous owner was an old lady), so I doubt that the transmission, etc. has been swapped. Especially since the car only has 145k km’s

I’m trying to figure out whether or not my car is actually modified, or if the manufacturer did indeed make a mistake

As far as I know the only way they could be wrong is in the spline size. If they are too short…they had to have made a mistake. I don’t know what mod you could do that would change axle length.

where did you get these axels? auto zone axles are notorious for being short. your best bet is to invest in a good set of raxels or oem replacement. this will also eliminate the annoying shaking that happens due to the lack of that balance doughnut.

The part of the axle that goes in the trany there are two sizes of the assembly The short cup ones are for Honda accords and 1 Gen Acura’s they are about 2 7/8 in long. (They will fit but if your car is lowered they may be to short and pull apart) The long ones are for the 2 & 3Gen Acura’s they are about 3 3/8 in long (passenger side)
I would hope that they sold you the right axles. The part in the middle (the axle) should be 16 11/16 in length both sides (tip to tip.) The axle compressed over all length should be 23 1/2 in both sides. The sweat shops that put these together some time put the wrong cup end on them. This is what I have found to be the common problem on lowered cars

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I brought in my original axles to match them and the manufacturer said that the ones they sold me are a “perfect match”. Yeah right… He said it’s normal that the used ones would be stretched a bit, which I could understand, but the new ones wouldn’t even poke through the hub assembly. I couldn’t bolt them on even if I wanted too.

Anyways, I ended up getting my money back and getting some somewhere else, which appear to be the right size! I’m going back to the previous shop for a valve cover gasket tomorrow so I’ll be sure to let them know it was their mistake.

Next time if Im not as short on cash, I’ll definitely go with Raxles or OEM.

Thanks for your responses guys

must of been mislabled or something, that happend to me on the driverside ots like 1" short then went to a different autozone and traded it for another.