axles get pulled appart while turning, HELP!

:think:my girlfriends da has this retarded problem. she told me when she took a u turn the other day her axle ripped out of the boot and broke the bearings. i thought it was a bad axle, so i threw my axle in to see wut happened. same result. I asked around and I’m getting mixed answers. so far i’ve gotten “its a ball joint” and “the lower control arm may be bent” need help before i go spend unnecessary money

Ummm did you actually see what ripped out of the suspension? There are numerous parts that can rip out of the suspension when it’s worn down to the bone. Upper/lower ball joints and inner/outer tierods as well as axles can all fall apart from the suspension when it’s time to go.

Just look at what actually ripped out and then go from there cuz we can’t see what your gf is talking about. Take some pics and post here if you can… good luck

ill get pictures as soon as i can

i replaced the lower control arm and put a new axle in, same result. just bought some new lower ball joints, getting some new inner tie rods. hopefully this might fix the problem.

Buddy of mine had the same issue everythime they took off his driverside axel would rip and get pulled apart after much deliberation and many new parts later(half shafts lca’s and uca) turns out the rear mountbracket was cracked and broken… Hope that helps

i didnt even think to check that, deffinately will tho