Axle's keep breakin' Please help!!

ok here’s what i have, 1990 acura integra 4 door 5 speed- i race this car locally at a circle track, i was having problem getting traction so i welded the gears inside the tranny where the shafts go, traction problem solved… now i keep breakin the right shaft thought it would happen but i needed the traction, its breakin cause the cars wieght is going on the right side kinking the axle then i am torqueing the shit out of it while it is kinked…

My question is does anyone know what axle would be good for my application or if there is one made strong enough? or any other fix that might keep it from kinking? i have been looking at a few axles but i dont know if they are quality or not. i also have a tokico 5 way adjustable strut, i thought that might keep the wieght from transfering so much and it did alittle but i am still breaking them. any help would be great. thanks

I take it is just an open diff that you welded. If you want to solve the problem, get the proper LSD. You need a limited slip. A welded diff is good for drag racing, but not road racing. You need the tires to spin at different speeds.

Preload Ur Axles

i understand but…

i know a lsd would not break axles but then i am only driving through corners with 1 wheel, that means no traction which means no winning… oh its a dirt track also so that makes it even worse with only one wheel spinning.
any ideas besides lsd?


preload? what do you mean?

A LSD will still make both wheels spin forward, just one slow than another. All it does is limit the torque.


oh ok ill have to look into that option i thought that a lsd let one wheel spin free when under hard turn/acceleration and only grabbed on straights, but i would like to see if there is another way to solve the issue first.

soontobe2ndGEN , how do you preload the axle? and why might that be good?

slowly release clutch pedal until u feel it moving
and pull ebrake up
and drop both when its green

i am racing on…

i am racing on a dirt circle track for 25 laps so that wont work, it goes green to checkered with no cautions or stops… thanks though…

[SIZE=2]anyone with some other ideas? does anyone know if i can get a bigger or stiffer front sway bar? and if i can where i may beable to get one? i have seached for one previously but was not able to find one.[/SIZE]

ops i didnt notice u said circle track
i thought it was breaking when u luanched
my bad

Suspension Techniques (ST) makes front and rear sways.

modify the mounts to the way youll be going??

what mounts do you mean? i have solid motor mounts, please explain…

does anyone think that a larger front sway bar may help keep the load a little more level? i was thinking it would.

i run a 3 door on a pavement circle track… I was told to prelode the sway bar by extending the drivers side sway bar link(if you are turning left)

just a possibility, i kept breaking my driver side axle and found out my front mount was bent up, causing the motor to be at a bad angle. mine were filled solid with urethane.

still think its your mounts. so theyre solid??? are they identical to the stock ones??? if not, then thats prolly your problem

its the welded diff. theres no getting around it. either get a new tranny or get lsd. i had welded diffs for awhile, great for drag racing, sucks ass for corners.

thanks for all the help

thanks for all the help but i think i have got it now, i fabricated a shaft with a U joint , and the yokes from a rear end, weld it up and it is much more flexible with out binding, and if it does bind it is much stronger than a normal shaft, it drives nice and seems to be ok. i will let you guys know after this weekend. my solid mounts are lined up right, i made them and made sure that they were right. also i dont think a lsd would be as good as this welded tranny if this does not work with the U joint i will be in the maket for one though. anyone got one and how much do they normally run? Chad


differentials are made for doing things like turns. you could get a quaife atb, or a cusco, or a kazz lsd. up to you, the quaife and kazz are prolly about $1k shipped. the cusco is prolly a little more. id get the quaife…lifetime warranty. nuff said. and the kazz needs kazz oil, so whenever you change tranny fluid, you gotta buy the kazz one. either way is good though.