axles / trans help

i did a search, but didnt really find what i was looking for. i plan on buying YS1 tranny if i can ever find one. but what else do i need besides a new clutch? will my stock LS tranny axles work? or do i need axles for the YS1 tranny? and will the stock shifter linkage still work? and i do have a problem with my stock axles now, i can hear both of them click while driving straight. i know they are both shot cuz they also click while turning, but will that cause the car to feel like its bucking? i mean it feels like i let off the gas then step on it real quick and let off again. it feels like the gears in the tranny are missing teath or something. or is my tranny just in need of being replaced? BTW i have 140,8xx miles on the tranny. thanks in advance for any help.

You’ll need a 92 or newer clutch. The splines on the input shaft of the tranny have a certian number of teeth ( I think 32) for all 1992 or newer integras (LS, GS, GSR and Type R are all the same). If your car is a 1991 or 1990 year, you can’t use your clutch because those years have a different number of splines. Other than that everything on your car right now will transfer over: Flywheel, linkage, axles, blah blah blah.


my car is a 93…thanks again