Axles. What can I do?

Here is the deal. My good ole teggie loves to eat axles. I had to replace one a month or two after I had just put in a new one ( Although I think that the one I got was rebuilt wrong) Here is my question, how much does lowering the car stress the axles? Is there any way to extend the life of the axles that any of you know?

Question #2 the retard that had my car before me had replaces the tranny oil with GEAR OIL that ass. That and due to the fact that I think that the axles were rebult wrong, the passanger side axle used to have some play between the tranny. ok, one new axle later and the seccond I had drained that smelly shiat, the new one fit in perfectly and had no play at all. What could have caused this, and do I have to worry about any future problems with the tranny. Im also going to drain and re-fill the tranny to make sure all the gear oil residue is flushed.

#3 Can the axle click when turning either way if it is bad enough, or are they totaly dependent on the direction the wheel is turning?


wow. no answer at all for over a week.

Lowering the car definitely stresses the axles. The lower the drop the more force exerted on the CV joint. There is no way to remove the added strain except for:
-raising your car
-somehow raising the transmission so the axle is completely parallel to the ground
-get a stronger axle (

The axle should click in either direction. Based upon the type of CV joint in an axle (rotating ball I think), movement from the on-center position will cause the clicks.

Definitely remove both sides to check how they are doing, regarding if you are sure which is the culprit.

Clicking axles turn into breaking axles very quickly.

good luck

I think that one of my axles is going bad. If it’s fixing to go then it’ll click either way…