Ok, here is my problem, I used raxle axles (non ABS) from a 91 civic, we put the seal that was supposidely needed, and the car locked up as soon as it braked…here’s the real question…how useful is ABS?? b/c I’ve never had it on one of my cars, I think I’ll just buy autozone axles that are made for my car and leave the ABS, currently the ABS is not connected so it can be driven

I always found my ABS to be troublesome myself. Our cars had the first generation of Honda’s ABS system…and it wasn’t all that great when it was new. Before something went seriously wrong with my abs…the only time it would actually engage was when I was REALLY on the brakes. I was on them so hard that it basically overloaded the abs system anywayz and it kicked off.

I ran around with my abs disabled (pulled the fuses) for 4 months. I’ve now removed the system completly.

I guess it would ultimatly be a personel decision on how effective you find the ABS system to be. and this is mine :shrug: