AZ DA's!!

Whatcha Think!?

Looking clean as they should be!!! The green one looks identical to my buddies Da he just sold.

green?? ur tripppin dude. i see black , white, and yellow

THe black one is mine. I know what color green your talking about though! My buddy had the forest green one, but it was way bad ass, b20vtec turbo rhd… ridiculous fast.

Im just B20 w/b16trans :bow:

I’m b18 with a jdm b17 trans… LSD FTW!

hey i’ll be moving to AZ soon. to be more specific, in Laveen. I’m going to be down there by October so i hope we can meet up and I can take some pictures with you guys! I just bought a black 91 integra ls. bone stock except for a aem short ram. see you guys soon hopefully!

Where did u guys meet up?, from the pics it looks like its on Bell rd N.W. side of town

nah man, complete opposite side of town, Ray and Kyrene in Chandler. but right on man, hope you like AZ when you get here… ohh check this page out, get you more acquainted with the AZ scene…

That siht is far (im on 157th & northern) but how often do u guys meet up?

dude, i know… i live at 101 and I-17 i work out that way thats why i go to those meets… they meet once a week and everyone out there is really cool. the north side scene is cool but there are a TON of ricers (mostly mexican) no offence if you are… but they just cheapo they mods and it ends up looking like shit. i’m down to meet whenever, if you need any guidance on the car lmk and i’ll suggest a few things :slight_smile: PM on AZHT phoenixheat_2002 is my screen name.

nice da’s

hey alright good to know there are some DA’s out there ill be moving to pheonix by the end of this year as soon as i can raise the money to ship my DA out there

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This the one…

u mean jdm b16 trans ?

b17 is a usdm gsr