AZ: ECU/Distributor for sale WILL SHIP

I have an OEM TD-44U distributor with brand new internals (coil, ICM, and ignitor). Asking $100 + shipping
ECU’s are SOLD!!!

You can email me or just respond here, I will check periodically throughout the day.

Also have a brand new main relay for $40 shipped.

email sent


Bump. Sorry if I hadn’t responded back to the emails over the weekend, was out of town. I’ll check on shipping to Canada for you sometime today.

P61 ECU pending sale.

whats the distributor setup off of?? obd1? will it work with a b18c1?? if so ill buy asap.

The distributor is off my OBD-1 B17A so yes, it should work on an OBD-1 B18C

P61 ecu sold!!!

Just confirmed, yes it will work. Same part.

ok ill buy it this thursday… how much shipped to 93560?? does it include cap/rotor? vtec solenoid?? text me at 6614004801

VTEC solenoid is a completely different unit. But yes, this will include cap/rotor. It is a 100% complete distributor. I can ship for $15. So $115 total.

I have a “pending” sale on the distributor, but still fielding buyers in case that falls through.

Been longgg time since a response but have the still or sold? Will buy right now