B-16a upgrade questions

I am thinking of replacing my engine with a newer one, and thought about upgrading performance as well. I am trying to keep the cost down as I’m far from rich.

My question is, is this place reliable? I thought the prices were pretty good. Does anyone know any reliable, but cheaper places? I have a 90 GS with a manual transmission. Do I need their transmission? What about their CPU? both of them on mine work fine.

Thanks for the help.


i’ve never dealt with that place. but the prices seem good. Yes your gonna need the ecu (unless you dont’ want vtec). and yes you’ll need the transmission (shorter gear ratio, better for vtec). It is a known fact that the JDM b16a has some really really short gears, not very gas economical at all. If you do plan on purchasing the b16 w/ trans, you should look into a custom transmission…which is taking the 5th gear LS final drive and replacing it into your b16a. There are many types, but this one is most common for b16a swap. I did it to mines and it’s soooo much better on freeways.

well ill tell ya what my ls vtec and ys1 (thats the b16 tranny) got me 27.5 miles to the gallon coming back from arkansas. We went the long way too over thru california and then up to washinton. we averaged 80mph all the way back and in my car thats about 4800rpm in fifth gear.

Personally for how hard i pushed it on that 3000+ mile trip i think i got DAMN good milage.

I thought the ys1 was the b18a tranny…because that is what I have…stock on my g2

Originally posted by -=Mr 2GenTeg
and ys1 (thats the b16 tranny)

YS1 tranny’s are not only b16… it is oem on my 92 gs.(b18a)

yes that is what I have On my 92 Ls…Oh by the way Am correct to say that the ys1 is a good tranny for the vtec engines been hearing mixed feed back…

i love mine its nice and short geared

except for 5th i hate hitting vtec at 90mph going down the highway and i redline it in 5th at about 115mph

btw if you going for just a straight b16 swap let me check with some friends tomorrow we might have one sitting around over here in eastern, oregon

I think some of you guys are confused. If your car is an LS/GS/RS then you don’t have the same transmission as a VTEC tranny from a GSR, SI-R or XSI etc… Just because they have the same name doesn’t mean squat.

I know that my 92 Ls came with a ys-1 tranny Iknow becuase i have removed it about four times…now (clutch, bad tranny, etc)

the '92-93 tegs all had ys1 trannies. the gsr version has completely different gearing, same name tho. What were they thinking, trying to confuse everyone like this?


oh, and definately get the tranny with the b16. Your ls tranny’s gear will be dissapointing.

I wouldn’t worry about fuel milage either, that is with the vtec tranny that’s meant to go with that engine. The b16 is just a slightly overgrown sport bike engine.:wink:


anyone got one for sale?