b 20 z motor no v tec colt cams regrind just reoiaceds transmission what r those two

do i need to upgrade my disrbutor and ecu ,im not very computer savy still learning i wish i could post my car pics i bought it with motor conversion b20z but it still has stock head no v tec ,runs good but idle is eratic when colld out it loopes 1000 to2500 over and over gonna check air valves on intake next when i instaled my cams i set valves int 6 and ex 8 i overyighted one valve fixed it and now my compression is 190 exept # 1 is170 after 5cranks of motor but if i keep cranking it will slowly go to 190 psi . i have 17 inch wheels and my car is canned wears tires inside edge pretty quick whats a cheap but good camber kits.

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