B.C. DA'S before snow hits meet ?

who’s up for one around b.c. area !?

I’ve already got 3 da’s down for a meet + photoshoot

I’m in! :werd:

werd to this

my shit’s done. so i’m down like a clown. lets do this

alright lets do this :werd:

what day would work out for all ? + lets try for a sunny day for some pics


:rockon: I’m so down!!! lol… wouldnt mind taking pics at that spot too. :slight_smile:

im down… but then again i already put my winter clothes on for my car hahahahaha:angel:

:werd: I’m down!

what kinda lip is that on the blue teg

any day but sunday and me and cwkda will do our best to be there :slight_smile:

^^ what he said :werd:

Let’s get this thing rollin’! :rockon:

would it be completely rude or nonsensical of me to suggest that we merge this thread with this one?

Im sooooo down! any day is fine for me i just need to know ahead

nvm wont be able to make it… got into an accident with my ride… it might be a write off :bawl:

um, that sucks… :(. how does ur teg look like?

4dr , jdm headlights and black rims… =p

Hopefully its not too bad and is fixable! :slight_smile:

I’ll show up in my Subie :). Unless i insure the Integra for a day or so.
Let me know guys.

Pick a Day!