B&M Question

I confident with choosing B&M but i can’t seem to figure something out.They seem to offer 2 diffrent shifters for 90-00 integra.
One Regular short throw and The “EDGE”.Jegs offers the regular for 134.99 and the “EDGE” for 49.99, if the edge is supost to be the better one why so cheap.
Does anybody have any experince with the “EDGE” shifter.

just search, lots of guys on here, myself included have experience with the “Edge” shifter. its an AMAZING shifter. shortens throw pretty well and also shifts really really smooth. just make sure you keep your stock bearing (the bearing you use to bolt it to the shift linkage) out of your oem shifter, you WILL need it to install. its a great addition, there is also a “Pro Edge” shifter or something like that, its adjustable or something, but that is like $160. dont know much on that one so dont hold me to it, i’ll let others explain that one.

my guess as far as why its so cheap is because its pretty much a universal shifter for honda’s. if you look up the part number, the same one is offered for pretty much all honda civics made before 96 (probably works in them too), the 88-91 CR-X’s and the 90-2001 integra’s. since it has the same part number across the board for them, its more likely to be purchased hence, due to the fact that its a good shifter, doesn’t need a triple digit price tag to sell since it can be used on several platforms without problems.

as far as i know, the “Edge” is the regular of the two but there is a short throw shaped like the 94-01 OEM integra shifters. with a dual bend. the edge is straight. but both are priced pretty much the same. so that $149 one must be the Pro version. :shrug: have pics or links?

I think I understand now the regular version jegs advertises is really the PRO EDGE with the B&M pivit bearing being why the price is so high.And the EDGE just being the regular short throw.
Thanks for the help

no problem my friend :wink:

Does B&m Make A Short Shifter That Has A 2 Or 3 Inch Cut?