B Series Cable transmissions: Teeth counts and gear ratios

So I got tired of all the misinformation on teeth counts and gear ratios on b series cable transmissions so I decided to put them all in one post. I was using this website (http://www.ff-squad.com/tech/temp/Bgears.htm) yesterday while I was helping a friend identify his multiple transmissions. It didn’t help because I was trying to identify the s1 ls and s1 b16 trans. The website is right for the 92-93 ys1 ls and ys1 gsr but not for the s1 ls or s1 b16. So I did some extensive research and found out the transmission gear counts that matched what I recorded off of his transmissions and what they actually were… All four of these transmissions I have physically counted the teeth on and not just pulling some numbers from different websites. The only cable tranny that is missing is the y1 b16. If anyone has the teeth counts (not just posted from some website) for the y1, please post them and Ill add them on this post. So here they are…

90-91 S1 LS
Mainshaft/ Countershaft
1st-12/ 1st-38
2nd-21/ 2nd-39
3rd-27/ 3rd-34
4th-31/ 4th-29
5th-35/ 5th-26
Final Drive- 66/15= 4.4


90-91 S1 B16
Mainshaft/ Countershaft
1st-12/ 1st-39
2nd-19/ 2nd-39
3rd-24/ 3rd-34
4th-29/ 4th-32
5th-32/ 5th-29
Final Drive: 66/15=4.4

1st- 3.25

92-93 YS1 LS
Mainshaft/ Countershaft
1st-13/ 1st-42
2nd-20/ 2nd-38
3rd-26/ 3rd-33
4th-30/ 4th-29
5th-35/ 5th-26
Final Drive: 64/15=4.266


92-93 YS1 GSR(B17)
Mainshaft/ Countershaft
1st-13/ 1st-43
2nd-19/ 2nd-40
3rd-24/ 3rd-35
4th-28/ 4th-31
5th-32/ 5th-28
Final Drive: 66/15=4.4


Nice! Wonderful to see people giving back to this forum :up:

Ok, I have a bit of an odd contribution… But I will try to make it as easy and clear as possible.

I bought a transmission nearly 5yrs ago, labeled S1 and I was told it was short geared.

I did not use the transmission, or inspect it for three years until I did the swap and immediately realized I had an internal transmission problem.

My transmission guy told me that it had been assembled incorrectly, and was in-fact stuck in 2nd and 3rd gear at the same time.

Since it was open, I decided to count the teeth and see if it was indeed what I was even told in the first place.

Again, what follows is what was in my cable JDM S1 case:

Mainshaft/ Countershaft
1st-12/ 1st-38
2nd-19/ 2nd-39
3rd-24/ 3rd-34
4th-29/ 4th-32
5th-31/ 5th-27
Final Drive: 66/15=4.4

1st: 3.166
2nd: 2.052
3rd: 1.416
4th: 1.103
5th: .870

Being that this transmission has been open before (torque seal was broken and gears/collars incorrectly installed), I do not truly know what internals are original

But coincidentally the ratios are bang-on exact with what ff-squad list as Y1 (and clearly not what should be in an S1 case).

So this is indeed a first-hand experience. I counted multiple times to be positive that I got the exact numbers. I believe the Y1 to have the gear-ratios I listed.

I have recently acquired a Y1 out of a JDM B16A CRX here in NZ

Funny thing is i have also been referring to FF-Squad. I was planning to replace the “4.266” final drive with my 4.400 but found it already has a 4.400 like unified112 has listed.

I will post up the Y1 teeth count in the next few days.

Can also confirm 90-91 S1 B16, Got 3 S1 gear sets and all read the same.

Yea it looks like they didn’t spend much time trying to get accurate info on the cable transmission s. Hopefully some more people can pitch in on the final drive for a y1. I don’t want to list it until I feel comfortable with the accuracy of it.

Well got around to counting up the teeth and turns out its been replaced with s1 gear set. :bored: