B-series header question

My friend just gave me a DC Sports Header. It fits B-series motors. I was wondering if this can fit on my '90 Integra? Is there any custom work involved? The Header originally came off a '00 Civic Si and so the oxygen sensor hole is at the down pipe.

i think it should

Actually I don’t recall, I know your intakes won’t swap. I am not sure if headers are the same way or not. I know Type R headers fit on b17a’s and b16a’s, but not sure about non-R 1.8L’s.

It know it bolts up to the B16A just fiine, but your cat needs to be extended about 3" and the flange needs to be flipped 180 degrees to mate to the header. The 00 Si header is a bit short. Not sure if it will fit the B18A or not. I know it will bolt up, but I’m not sure if it will hit the oil pan or not.

Thanks a lot for your help fellas. I guess I’ll just have a muffler shop put it on for me since there’s too much custom work involved.