B-Series motor; Civic Dual Core Radiator; What hoses?

I supposedly bought a Autozone dual core rad and I need to buy hoses now. I have a jDM b16 in my Teg and Ive been told to buy any Integra 90+ upper and lower hoses. So I searched on here a bit and found out that wouldnt work because of Vtec. So now Im stuck, who can CONFIRM which hoses I need?

My final thought was 99-00 Si hoses…

Should I buy OEM or will some generic Silicone ones work? What about non-silicone ones?


Got a little bit more on HT…
Is this right?
90-93 integra for the bottom hose
92-93 gsr integra for the upper

Anyone? :clap:

buy some radiator hose, and cut it to length. cut it nicely, not jaggedy! you could get purosil or some shit, but it like expensive.

I’m using a 91 Integra lower hose and a 99 Si upper.

they also carry universal flex hoses at autozone and orielys

I just said “fuck it” and bought 92-93 gsr upper and lower from Len on HT. Under 40 bucks shipped.