B-series Vtec head with Vtec killer cams (toda) into a non-vtec B series motor

Can u fit a B-series Vtec head with Vtec killer cams (toda) into a non-vtec B series motor without needing to tap the head. Also will it produce more power then a cammed non vtec B-series. I never heard this done before but i was just wondering why not.:slight_smile:

vtec killers are an all out race cam that won’t even allow u to engage the clutch below 4k

No, the cams will not swap into an LS head. Plain and simple.

not the cams the whole head with the toda killer cams in it

You need to work on your wording…

Why couldn’t you. It would be no different than any other LSVTEC. Might have issues with valve-to-piston clearances and shit but well VTEC killer cams are meant for high compression and by putting the VTEC head on the LS block you defeat their purpose.

Good luck.

I know but i want try something different maybe it will work on a ls engine better then it does on vtec engines because of the longer stroke.

Are you wanting to build an LSVTEC and use the Toda cams? Is that what you’re trying to do?

In that case, YES they will work. Make sure you know what youre doing though. I’m pretty sure claying the engine for valve-to-piston clearance will be very important. Toda recommends their valve springs and retainers be used with the cams. I don’t think it would benefit you at all to use these cams on a stock bottom end. So, higher compression will be required as will a much stronger rotating assembly. Probably 11.5:1 or higher from the reading I found on Team-Integra

Lastly. The Toda VTEC Killer are essentially the same as a Toda C cam, the main difference is the ramp speed/angle.

Good luck.

Before you even consider these cams, you need to ask yourself a couple questions. Do you even understand the purpose these cams were designed for, and how they work? What do you plan on doing with the car your putting the motor into?

These cams aren’t designed for a street car. Toda made them for road racing divisions in which no variable cam sytems were allowed. Most of the top teams in the all-motor division’s run these or the Comp Cams line of these.

There are better cams for a lot less money and you’ll make more power with different one’s as well. Why don’t you let everyone know what your plans and set-up are so we can help you out?

well first off I wanted to see if it will work. I plan on doing autocross and circuit racing and maybe drag racing i have been looking at different setups. I rather go for more bang for my buck but i want to stay away from turbo. I just have doubt on the ls bottom end if it will hold past 8k rpms, or maybe i should get a gsr motor. Right now i have BC cams stage 1 with 10:1 c/r (I got it like that) i/h/e cam gears Ecu is set to 7k redline and Jdm S1 tranny with lsd. I beat gsr and even rsx like this i dont know how much power i have. maybe ill stick with ls/vtec later when i make up my mind. thanks for ur time guys i really appreciate ur time and input on this thread

hmm just to let you guys know this has already been done before in a CRX… it was featured in a magizine i think… b16 head w/vtec killer cams on a LS/B20 block… ran 11 sec i think… o well, i know its on a white rex though…

please someone correct me if im wrong but i think i remember seeing something on here about replica toda vtec killer cams on here? Anyone remember which company makes them?

make sure you swap some new pistons over on those killer cams.
you can use lsvtec, but dont forget it needs to rev. so if you build your lsvtec to handle 9500 rpm good. if not… get something else

Ya this thread is old as dirt, but if you do intend on using the VTEC Killers, you need lots of compression and lots of revs. Their powerband is narrow but high. I believe something like 6-10k.