b16; as bad as ppl say it is?

This past month my synchro in third gear went bad. I found out it could cost around $500 bucks to fix at the least…$1800 at the most with quaife LSD. I thought about it and 1800 bucks for LSD and a new tranny is 50 bucks more then a b16 (SIR 1) w/stock lsd in a y1 tranny shipped to my mechanic. (Shipping is only 200 bucks; total cost $1750) So now I’m hours away from buying a sir1 from hmotorsonline.com. I orginally wanted to go b20 nonvtec turbo; but because of how much the tranny cost to fix I’m thinking about just going sir1.

I have a lot of time and a spare car now, so i would be able to build the b16, but is it even worth dumping money into a b16? If so; how much are we talking here to hit 12 second quarter mile? And I noticed on some of the pistons and rods they say they only fit the 92-95 sir 2 motor; whys that?

Either way i have 2200 in the bank (thank god for income tax return) and i have about a 1500 dollar budget a month JUST for my car.

Suggestions…still go for b20/turbo or all motor vtec?

So many options and not enough time…

And Ill bash myself now, “Search youll find good answers!”
:bang:…I suck at searching:bang:

PLEASE break this down to me…NICELY, please. Thanks guys.