b16 drive shafts

well I have done the engine swap and tranny conversion. the only thing I can’t figure out is… one of my driveshafts was longer than the other. I put the longer on the drivers side. is this correct or are they suppose to me the same size? if not do I have them on the right sides?

well is there not anyone on this board that has swapped a b16 into there integ? if so, where your axles different lengths?

yes they are different lengths i believe the drivers one is the longest because your tranny is closer to the passenger side…but they will bolt right up :up:

I think it is the opposite of what Zyban said, cause on the drivers side you have the half shaft, so I think the longer shaft goes in the passenger side, but I could be wrong. Hell Take both of them out and let me know when you find out.

DOesn’t one of them have splines all of the way down and one had a smooth area then splined if you look in to the tranny you will see that one opening has a space about an 1 1/2 before the splines start in the tranny …Take a look if you haven’t finished it already