B16 Engine treatments/additives

I am wondering if anyone can reccomend some products to add to my fuel/oil to restore my B16 and make sure it is all clean inside there. I figure since it has been sitting in a wharehouse for several years, the gaskets and everything must be pretty dry in there. I see all these products on the shelves that claim to do this that and the other to my motor, but what will realy work? I’m talking about products like Restore, octane booster, fuel injector cleaner, bars leak, etc. I don’t want to just experiment because I have heard of people actually damaging their engines by adding some of this stuff. TIA

I used STP Engine Flush on my B18A1. Look in here (Product Reviews forum), and just do a quick search. I posted my review about it.

As for fuel injector cleaners, I personally never felt a difference when I used them as the instructions said.