B16 Header

ok…what header should i get for my 90 ls with a b16 swap?..will my ls work, or should i get one for a 94 del sol/99si? thanks in advanced!

ITR headers.

i want a dc …which one will work?

your ls should still work, but if you buying a new one get the one for civic si b16a

I have my old LS header on the b16 right now. It’s a horrible header so switching it out to an aftermarket one is a must. If you get the ITR DC 4-1 or the ITR 4-1, you’ll have to cut a notch out of your crossmember for the header to fit in. I think there is a thread in genearl discussions about header fitment. Though, if you get the 92-93 Integra DC or Greddy, it’ll fit without doing anything, however, there are only 4-2-1 headers made for the gen 2. I believe GSR headers are shorter in length and it would require you to get an extension in your piping.