b16 keeps frying distributors

i’m on my 3rd distributor and i’ve had this motor in the car for a year. the first time was ignition output signal. and the last 2 it fried are code 9 - CYP #1cylinder position sensor. what the hell is going on here? i was soooo happy with my car lately because nothing has gone wrong in a long time, the CLICK the light pops on. the 2nd time this happened i was burning out when it came on so it was my fault. by why the other 2?
someone please help me. i cant afford this shit right now. by the way, the car runs fine like nothing happened. vtec still works. last time i drove it for like 4 months with the CEL on and it was fine too, just every once in a while i’d find tiny tiny small pieces of copper wire in the cap and blow it out with compressed air.

I’ve gone through 3 as well but in the last 1.5 years… I find that Dizzy U25 or whatever aprt number it was isn’t that great. seems to give a lot of peopel problems. I jsut modded an OBD0 LS one and it’s been worknig fine so far.

thats what i did with the first one i tried. the original dist that came on the motor threw code 9, and ran fine but i put the LS one on anyway. then that threw the ignition output signal, so i put the original one one then i got a used obd-0 vtec dist from my brother and this is the one that threw code 9 again. should i just convert to obd-1 and call it a day? i’m so tired of the electrical problems with this stupid motor. i’m on my 3rd alternator also and my 3rd battery. i hate the number 3 now…

now that i have 3 fucked up distributors, is there any way to swap parts between them to make at least 1 work?
2 are obd0 vtec
1 is obd0 non-vtec