B16/P72 hybrid C/R?

I have the top half of a GSR engine sitting in my basement, and I had all intentions of building an LS/VTEC using it, but now I am reconsidering. If I were to bolt it to a B16 block, what compression ratio would I be running? I am guessing the smaller combustion chamber of the P72 head combined with the higher compression B16A pistons would give it a little bump in C/R compaired to a PR3/B16A pair. Of course this would be a temporary measure, until I can afford a B18C block (B16A block-$150, B18C block-$600 and I’m poor:() Thanks!

I’m not sure if you’re asking a question or not, but a gs-r head on a first generation b16 will bump the c/r up to about 10:4 to 10:6. A gs-r head on second generation b16 will bump c/r up to 10:6-10:8 depending on if you mill the head or deck the block…

That’s what I was looking for, thanks

I know you’re poor and all, but I would just wait and get the B18C1 block. You’ll end up spending more money going the route of putthing the B16 block in, the replacing it. Think of all the gaskets and any other part you’ll have to replace.

Saving the money and just using the B18C1 block will be more cost effective. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting it now. Just wait and it not only will you save the money, but you’ll have what you really want.

I do believe all the CR’s above are correct too.


I’m with Steve on this one…If the block only cost $600 then i would definitely wait to buy it…You get more torque and better hp…In the end you’ll get a better overall engine!