b16 problems - please help

i am new to this so please bare with me. i bought a 1991 acura integra ls and decided to do a motor swap. i bought a B16 B16A1 OBD-0 PR3 ECU with cable transmission. we did the swap got the motor in but when we got to the distributor we noticed that my car has round white connectors and the new distributor has square grey ones. we thought we wired the square connectors up right but when you go to start the car it will fire off but want run. its like it wont pulse the fuel injectors. if that makes sense. i don’t know what to do. if anybody has an ideas i am all ears. plus what kind of motor do i buy parts for. PLEASE HELP???

you have two different electronic systems mixed up. you need to use the distributor off your old engine on the new one, if it fits. what your car was is an on board diagnosis 0 (obd0) and your new engine set up is a obd1 set up.

the grey plugs are a sign of obd1

when we changed a 90 integ to a newer kind, we used a wire kit from hasport so we could use the newer ecu , but you say you have a pr3 which is obd0. i would check with the people you got it from, and see if they did some mix and match. it sounds like it.

so as far as ythe distributor goes, the new one is different and you need to use your old one if your using your old computer set up.

the parts thing is easy, you buy parts for what motor you NOW have. electronics and anything that is still from the car, you buy for that. make sense?