B16 swap help.glowing cat.no over 3k

Ok I have a 90 integra that ran before I pulled the motor (rings are shoot ) . Got myself a Jdm B16 swapped my injectors,distributer( with the leg cut off) , and my engine harness and tranny ect . And a pwo ecu .
It has new plugs bosche platinum plugs,cap and rotor , wires, water pump and timing belt . It won’t start . When I first got it in it would run but had a tap so I shut it down tore it down to find the cams where not lined up . So I lined everything back up put it together and it started up and ran without any taps and would run up to 5000 rpm if I wanted it to no problem , but wasn’t running to well . and wouldn’t idle on its own so I stopped for the day . today I tried to start it and it started once but wouldn’t go over 3000k it just stops so I shut it down when I went to the front of the car the cat was glowing orange . I let it cool off and was going to play with the timing but I just cranks and backfires . Kind of hard to play with the timing when it won’t start or if it does it won’t idle .
Am I missing somethig ? Can distributer timing be off that much ? whats with the glowing cat ? thanks for any help .

usualy when the cat glows like that its clogged probly got clogged when your car was burning all that oil before the swap also it being clogged would cause the exhaust to build up presser and may keep it from running correctly i would disconnect the exhaust right before the cat and see what happens

That was my first problem so I emptied the cat . I know the legal part , but on to the fact it starts up and runs . The only problem is that it fouls out the #1 and 2 plugs in a few reves of the throttle . I know the timing is off the only problem is the motor has a after market crank pulley on it without a red line to line up with a timing light . It doesn’t have a pointer like the b18a did either . how do I time it ? If it can’t be timed with the light can anyone tell me which way to turn the distributer to stop #1 and 2 from fouling ? thanks for any info .

ok first the bosche plugs, they suck they r not good for a honda get some ngk plugs second it probly won’t start cause your timing is off if there aren’t any markings on the crank to line up the pistons to top dead center use your ls crank pulley trust me it will work my friend is using it on his b16 also to advance the timing turn the distributor toward the rear of the car and oppisite to retard it. also does it still only rev to 3000 or did you fix that?