B16 Turbo swap questions.

I know this has probably been answered a thousand times and i did a search for the last three days but i wanted to ask anyway.
I have a 90 GS Hatch with 180,xxx and a slipping tranny.
At this time im attempting to pull out the motor(my first swap).
While i was at it i pulled the front facia the whole intake assembly all of the strut assemblies ac hoses,and the rusting deteriorating cat back as well.
Also im going to be making it a 5 speed instead of a auto.
Im planing on getiing the full b16 swap from importmotorsonline and was wondering if what is in the package was going to work for my application?
Im planning on taking it real slow since its gonna take me a while to get all the pieces such as the turbo,coilovers,etc…
Any help would be greatly appretiated,thanks…

dont bother

easier if you find a car that is a manual. Before you give yourself a headache…and throw away a lot of money…just my opinion.