B16 Upgrades??

Ok, I tried searching, but didn’t find my answers really, been checkind Honda-Tech, Hondaswap, etc all night. If I can find all these answers elsewhere, please point me to them and we can let this topic die, but I can’t find them on my own apparently.

Maybe when it’s done I can compile a “Best B16A upgrades” Page for TegTips or something, with prices too. :slight_smile:


I am dropping a B16A SIR1 into the teg next week.

I already scored some $50 GSR Cams from a buddy, and maybe a lightened flyhweel, waiting to hear on that.

Final goal for the project is low 13’s consistantly in the 1/4 Mile on a 75shot of Nitrous. and good non-nitrous dail driving with some fun on twisty roads.

As far as other upgrades go what experience or opinions do you guys have with these?

-Upgrading the Throttle Body to a SIR2 or GSR 60mm TB instead of the 58mm?
-Upgrading the Intake Manifold to something else, not sure what? ITR CTR, GSR, etc,etc,
-B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator

Also, what are some of the best mods to do for the B16A SIR1 that you recommend?

Best “bolt-ons” that your going to see gains is swap out the intake manifold for something better like a blox, aebs, skank2 (overpriced). Have your throttle body overbored and port matched to the manifold (65mm). Go ahead and open up your exhaust to atleast 2.5in and pair it up with a 4-1 header that has a 2.5 collector, like a ITR header or a DC ITR replica header. Its good that you went with the gsr cams becuase the b16 cams are mildest of all the vtec cams. As for the b&m regulator, only buy this if you plan to have the car tuned down the road. As for other cheap effective bolt-ons would be a lightweight flywheel, CTR crank pulley, nice clutch, and last have it tuned. Hope that helps.

I have a DC JDM ITR header, 2.5" collector, practically new.

Enigma, I’m interested in your header. Email me 92teg@blendervideo.com with what your asking, your application and how ‘used’ it is.

Rob, where did you get the b16?

From Steve at H-Motors.

you can swap in a B17 crank…make it a stroke’d b16. I have one for sale if your intrested…

You need the crank AND rods to do this. I’m sure you know but just putting it out there just in case.

Out of curiosity…how much for the crank and rods?

I’m going to stick to stock internals for now, I am going to build a LS or GSR Block depending on what my final plans become, still trying to decide whether I want to build it or not. simple mods and the Nitrous should keep me happy a while.

So Far, GSR Cams, 8.5lb Flywheel, B&M Fuel Regulator, NOS Nitrous Kit, and a Chipping kit from Xecron (spl?) with the 2Timer as soon as I find someone to tune it locally.

Should get me into the mid 13s (on slicks) at the track and be fun to drive on the street.

I also just dropped in a JDM B16 Xsi OBD1 motor about a month ago. Alot that has been mentioned so far is on my list to get. I have to say this is the first time with a lightened flywheel 8lbs and I love it!

I was considering adding some lightweight pullys and crank? Is it worth it or no?

kNOwLedGe420 - I have both for sale, 300obo…