b16 won't start

I just put my engine together and it cranks and everything it just won’t catch. There is fuel because its been dripping out the exhaust due to a bad header gasket. It also has spark. Does anyone have any idea. Sorry to post it here but noone usually responds anywhere else and i am desperate.

check your firing order

The firing order has been checked and rechecked. but for the sake of checking again how is it supposed to be starting from the top?

It might be so flooded that the plugs are fouled. pull a plug out and dry it of. put it back in and then pull it right back out and check if it’s already wet again. If it is really flooded, try opening the throttle when you crank it.

If that’s not it try adjusting the timing. If the timings off buy enough, it will be sparking during your exaust stroke. Has it ever backfired while your trying to start it?

If you still have your old ecu, put it back in and try starting it with that.

that’s all I can think of right now.

well i just got through 2nd gen b16 swap and mine did the same thing and just on a whim i replaced the coil in the new engine w/ the my original and it cranked over first time and idled until i got the tps code…

I have the same problem…JDM b16a in a 93 ls…I have fuel, and spark(bought a new distributor with coil)… I have checked the firing order and it all looks correct…let me know if some finds something out